Gravity (not the movie)

Somebody tell me to stop!
Feeling so great that it hurts.
Oh wait
That’s not the happiness screaming ouch
It’s my sore muscles
5 days of moving help
2 times a week punching water from one end to another
Smiling alot
Barbecuing myself in the disgusting nice weather
I can’t handle it anymore
I will end it
He will die
His chain will break
Like his spine when I push him down the skyscraper
Wow he is heavy
Must have grown big time the last years
Without me noticing it
Just feeling his heaviness
Pulling me down
Keeping me on the floor
Turning me immovable
Like his parents told him to
They would be proud
He has done his job perfect
Until I started moving
Pulling him away from my resting position
The grave he had chosen for me
I refused his offer
I did not stop to swim
I am dragging him
Damn he weighs a ton
But now he is going up
Step by step
Floor by floor
Until We reach the top
And I will watch him fall and die
He begs me not to do it
But he has nothing to offer me
I had enough of his drugs
With all my heart i push him over the edge
There is no going back
There is no goodbye
There is no regret
A last time he tries pulling me with him
But I simply shatter my bonds
He has no power over me
And gravity welcomes him
As does the pavement
And the anchor breaks
Nobody saw it as he shattered
In the moment of his last breath
He hears a roaring scream of happiness and proudness
And as he looks up he sees my shadow
Looking down on him
Merciless and free

I don’t feel sore any more. Don’t stop me.

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